How To Kill Maggots Without Bleach: 8 Alternatives

Maggots are pesky creatures that can infest rotting meat and other organic matter. While they may seem harmless, they can cause disease if left unchecked.

Maggots can also be a nuisance in the home, where they often congregate near garbage cans or compost piles.

If you don’t have bleach on hand, there are several other ways of getting rid of maggots from your home including using boiling water, salt, or pesticides.

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8 Ways to Kill Maggots Without Bleach

1. Use a Mixture of Cinnamon and Water

A mixture of cinnamon and water can help kill maggots. It will take longer than a bleach solution for the maggots to die, so you’ll need to wait between 4 and 6 hours.

You’ll need to mix one tablespoon of ground cinnamon with two cups of boiling hot water.

Pour the solution onto a rag or cloth and wipe down all surfaces in your home where you might find maggots hiding out.

This will not only get rid of maggots, but it will also leave a pleasant smell in your home.

2. Use Vinegar and Hot Water

If you don’t have cinnamon on hand, you can also kill maggots with vinegar and hot water.

Use one cup of white distilled vinegar to two cups of boiling water for this solution.

If you’re wondering how to kill maggots in a trash can, this may be the best bet if you’re looking for a non-toxic solution. 

You’ll need to wipe down the surfaces in your home where maggots might be hiding out, just like when using a mixture of cinnamon and water.

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant, so it will help clean the area as well.

3. Use Table Salt and Lime Juice

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Table salt and lime juice can also be used to kill maggots. Mix one tablespoon of table salt with two tablespoons of lime juice in a small bowl.

Pour this mixture over the maggots and wait for them to die. It will take around 15 minutes for them to die, so it’s a much quicker method than other natural remedies.

Once the maggots are dead, you’ll need to clean the area as mentioned earlier. Be sure to dispose of the maggots properly in a sealed garbage bag.

4. Use Other Household Cleaners 

Will Lysol kill maggots? Absolutely! So will other common household cleaners, such as 409, Fantastik, and Mr. Clean.

Use these sprays directly on the areas where the maggots are hiding. Allow the cleaners to sit for 30 minutes to 1 hour before rinsing them away with hot water.

If you’re killing maggots in a trash bin, make sure to close the bag so that the fumes do not escape and you do not breathe them in.

5. Use an Insecticide That Contains Pyrethrum

If you have an infestation in your home, it might be best to use a product that contains pyrethrum (like Raid).

This natural compound is derived from chrysanthemum flowers and will kill maggots quickly when sprayed directly on them.

Different products contain different concentrations of pyrethrum so make sure to read the label carefully before buying.

Be sure to use caution when using any type of insecticide and follow all safety instructions.

6. Use Borax and Sugar

You can use borax and sugar as well to help kill off maggots from your home. Mix one part sugar with three parts Borax.

Place the mixture wherever you see signs of maggot infestation, such as garbage cans or underneath tables where food is stored.

Since this is a powdered solution, it works very well for taking care of maggot infestations on carpets.

The sugar will attract the maggots while the Borax will kill them. Be sure to reapply as needed until all signs of maggot infestation have been eliminated.

7. Use Diatomaceous Earth

Another option for killing maggots is to use diatomaceous earth. This natural powder is made up of fossilized algae and will kill maggots on contact. It’s also safe to use around pets and people.

You can buy diatomaceous earth at most garden stores or online. Sprinkle it over the infected area and wait for several hours. Then, sweep up the dead maggots into a dustpan or garbage bag.

You’ll need to reapply diatomaceous earth every few days until all signs of infestation are gone completely.

8. Use Boiling Water

What kills maggots instantly? Boiling water. This will not only kill the maggots, but it will also kill any fly eggs that might be in the area.

If you’re wondering how to get maggots out of trash cans, this may be the best way.

Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil on your stovetop or use a tea kettle if you prefer.

Allow the water to cool slightly before handling it, but make sure that it is still steaming hot when you pour it over maggots hiding out in an infested room.

This will kill maggots within minutes, making it the fastest treatment as well as a natural option for treating maggots in your home.

So if you’re wondering what kills maggots on contact, this is your best bet.

We’ve written previously on how effective bleach is at killing maggots, but as you’ve seen here – it’s not the only way.

Maggots can be killed without bleach using a variety of methods including household cleaners, insecticides, and boiling water.

Some of these methods are more natural than others and can be used safely around pets and people. Boiling water is the quickest way to kill maggots, but it must be handled with caution.

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