Can You Use Pine-Sol on Hardwood Floors?

If you’re looking for a natural way to clean your wood floors, you may be wondering if it’s safe to use Pine-Sol.

Pine-Sol is a popular, safe, and conditioning choice for hardwood floors. You can use the Pine-Sol Original Pine Multi-Surface Cleaner, or the Pine-Sol Original Squirt ‘N Mop. Both products are designed to clean and condition your wood floor.

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In this blog post, we’ll answer that question and provide some tips on how to safely clean your hardwood floors with Pine-Sol like a pro.

How to Use Pine-Sol on Hardwood Floors

The steps for cleaning your hardwood floors with Pine-Sol is very similar to any other method you might use. Here’s what you need to do to get started:

1. Sweep or Vacuum the Floor

In order to remove any debris, make sure to sweep or vacuum the floor before you begin cleaning. This will ensure that no dirt gets stuck on your mop and scratches your hardwood floors.

Pine-Sol is not designed to remove heavy debris from floors, so it’s important to prepare the area in this way first.

Try to keep pets or kids away from the area when you know you will be mopping soon, as they can easily track in dirt or debris.

2. Spot Clean Any Stains

Once you’ve removed any loose debris, it’s time to spot clean any stubborn floor stains on your floor.

You can use Pine-Sol on these spots directly, but don’t leave it on the hardwood floor for a very long time. The product can cause discoloration if left on the wood for too long.

Make sure you also have a damp sponge, scouring pad, or steel wool brush so that you can work on these areas. You’ll also want to have a wet cloth on hand to wipe up the Pine-Sol and any residue it leaves behind.

3. Create the Cleaning Solution

Once you’re done sweeping, fill a gallon-sized bucket with warm water and add ¼ cup of Original Pine-Sol to it.

Mix the diluted Pine-Sol solution well until it’s fully dissolved into the water. You can also use a mop that is specifically designed for hardwood floors if you have one.

If you’re using the Pine-Sol Squirt ‘N Mop, make sure to dilute the cleaner before use. The directions on the bottle say to mix it with warm water in a ratio of one part cleaner to 16 parts water. So for every gallon of water, add about ⅓ cup of Pine-Sol.

4. Mop the Floor

The best way to mop a wood floor is by using a back and forth motion. Make sure to apply the cleaning solution generously as you go, but don’t saturate the floor with it.

If your floor is especially dirty, you may need to mop it twice. This is a better idea than mopping hardwood floors in the same area over and over again since excess water can lead to warping or damage to your wood floors.

Leave your floors to start drying while you move on to rinse out your mop.

5. Rinse the Mop Thoroughly

Next, you will want to clean your mop in a bucket of hot water. Afterward, rinse it with a hose, in a laundry room sink, or in the tub. This will help to remove any Pine-Sol residue as well as debris and bacteria.

Store your mop so that it is elevated off of the ground so that it doesn’t get moldy or dirty over time, which won’t be good for your wooden floors in the long run.

6. Dry the Floor With a Cloth or Towel.

After you’re done mopping, use a clean cloth or towel to dry the floor. This will prevent your hardwood floors from warping due to excess moisture.

A microfiber cloth is great for picking up any extra dust, dirt, or dog hair in the room so that you have completely clean hardwood floors.

7. Use An Optional Polish

If you want an even shinier finish on your wood floors, consider using a polish instead of Pine-Sol. A waxed floor can look good for several months, but it won’t last as long as a polished floor.

If you want to use a polish, follow the directions on the container and apply Pine-Sol with a soft cloth or mop.

Just make sure that it’s safe for your type of hardwood floor. Always read the ingredients list before using any type of polish, as some products contain harsh chemicals that can damage your floors.

A Quick Word of Caution

Make sure that you don’t use any Pine-Sol product on unfinished wood surfaces, as it may damage the finish and cause discoloration.

If your hardwood floors are new or have never been cleaned before, make sure to test out a small area first to see how the cleaner will react with them.

Is Pine-Sol safe in general? Definitely! But it never hurts to be safe instead of sorry when cleaning hardwood floors.

Can I Use Pine-Sol on Unfinished Hardwood Floors?

Can you use Pine-Sol on unfinished wooden surfaces? The answer is yes and no. It depends on the type of finish that’s been applied to your wood flooring.

If it’s a smooth, glossy finish, then you can go ahead with using Pine-Sol. However, if your floors have a matte or satin finish, it’s best to avoid using the product as it can leave streaks or residue behind.

Don’t try mopping hardwood floors with Pine-Sol if they are visibly worn floors. Instead, use a mild and natural solution such as vinegar, water, and a little dish soap.

Test the solution on an inconspicuous area of your floor first to make sure that it doesn’t damage the finish.

Do You Have to Rinse Pine-Sol off a Hardwood Floor?

Yes, you should always rinse Pine-Sol off a hardwood floor after mopping. You will want to use a damp mop or cloth and wipe up any excess cleaner that’s left behind on your flooring.

If there are streaks present in the wet areas of your room, dry them with another clean rag or microfiber cloth

Does Pine-Sol Disinfect a Wood Floor?

A clean bathroom showing white bath tub, a toilet and sink.

Pine-Sol is a powerful disinfectant and can kill a wide variety of bacteria, viruses, and fungi on your hardwood floor.

It can also serve as a stain remover, deodorizer, and degreaser all in one. So, if you’re looking for a product that can do it all when it comes to cleaning your hardwood floor, Pine-Sol is a great option.

Pine-Sol can also be used to kill germs on all things like countertops, toilet seats, bathroom fixtures, and hard surfaces in other rooms of your home.

It’s a versatile cleaner that works well on multiple types of floors and materials.

What Is Pine-Sol Made Of?

Pine-Sol is made of a variety of chemicals, including pine oil, isopropyl alcohol, and water.

It’s important to read the ingredients list before using this or any other type of cleaner on your hardwood floors. Some cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can damage your flooring over time.

For the “Original Pine-Sol Brand Cleaner 1” formulation, the material safety data sheet listed 8–12% pine oil, 3-7% alkyl alcohol ethoxylates, 1-5% sodium petroleum sulfonate, and 1-5% isopropyl alcohol.

These materials are generally safe, although Pine-Sol is considered an irritant when in direct contact with the skin. Keep it away from children and pets at all times.

What Is Pine-Sol Good For?

In addition to your hardwood floor, Pine-Sol is a great all-purpose cleaner for your home.

You can use it to clean countertops, stovetops, sinks, toilets, bathroom fixtures, and other hard surfaces. It also deodorizes and degreases surfaces well.

You can also use it to wash your clothes, which will help remove odors from your laundry as well as the washing machine itself.

Final Thoughts

Can you use Pine-Sol on hardwood floors? Absolutely! This is one of the most common uses of this product and people have been loving the results for years. So give it a try and enjoy your beautiful hardwood flooring in all its glory.

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